My Interview With Mrs. Quigley!!!

Today I am going to tell you about my interview with Mrs. Quigley, a fourth grade teacher at Georgetown Elementary. I got lucky and was able to have her  for my teacher this year!

First, I asked Mrs. Quigley

“What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?”

Next, Mrs. Quigley replied “I like to hike and ride my bike.”

The next question I asked Mrs. Quigley was “What made you decide to be a teacher?”

“I loved elementary school when I was a little girl and new I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.” she answered.

After that, I asked her “How long have you taught at Georgetown for?”

Then, Mrs Quigley said “Since it opened, which is 11 years.”

Following that, I asked “What is your favorite subject to teach?”

Then Mrs. Quigley replied  “I used to like to teach reading the best, but once I started teaching fourth grade, I began liking math better.”

Next, I asked her  “What is your favorite book or movie?”

After I asked, she told me  “My favorite movie of all time is the sound of music and my favorite book is to Kill a Mocking Bird.”

Following that up, “What is your favorite song to listen to?” I questioned.

“I love the song Happy.” Mrs. Quigley replied.

The last question I asked Mrs. Quigley was  “What was school  like when you were a little girl?”

Mrs Quigley replied  “It was fun but there was no technolagy.  It was scary though because teachers could paddle you.  I loved to play sports at recess too!”

This is a small version of my interview with my WONDERFUL teacher Mrs. Quigley!


Learn About Sienna R. Here!

I just learned so much because I just had a great interview with Sienna R. If you want me to, I will share what I learned with you!

First of all, her first name is Sienna and her middle name starts with a R and she has two older sisters and no brothers. Her favorite hobby is to play with dogs. Sienna is also a good dog trainer though few people know that about her. Over the last year, Sienna got to see family that she only gets to see once in five years, which was really exiting for her! If she had a million dollars she would help the poor and start a new dog shelter! One good thing she would do to help the world would be to pretect the world! That is so nice! I hope you learned new about my friend Sienna R!



Do you like fun movies? If you do then you need to go to the theaters to see the movie Sing! It is one of my favorite movies! I love  the movie Sing because when all the characters sing it shows all of their different personalities with all of their different tones in which they sing and it really shows who they are. I also love Sing because all of the characters go through hard times and in the end all of those hard times or fears are gone and it really encouraged me and helped me know I could do hard things and get past hard times and scary thoughts.

Overall, Sing was a really good and funny movie for example, when one of the characters, who was a mom, made a machine that would take care of her children and wash the dishes for her while she was at the reahersals for the singing  compitition, kids got stuck in the machine!

Overall Sing was a good movie!

Christmas in Germany!

7d86d5fd6bbe24652464b1a9a6c5e10aHave you ever wondered what Christmas was like in a different country? Well, I am going to tell you what Christmas is like in Germany!

A Christmas tradition in Germany is they like to make Christmas cookies called Plaetzchen in their language. The people of Germany love the Plaetzchen cookies that the housewives make to celebrate Christmas. They also have traditions like we do in America by making gingerbread houses and putting up nativity scenes. Another Christmas tradition that they have is to make hand carved wooden nutcracker that they call Nussknacker in their language. They also decorate with Christmas pyramids that they call Weihnachtspyramiden.

You may be wondering why I chose this country! I chose this country because I am part German and I wanted to know more about it.

These are some of the Christmas traditions and facts of Germany.

I hope you learned some new facts about Christmas in a different country!




It’s time! The dogs are exited too! Thanksgiving is almost here so I’m going to give you some facts. To start, did you know that on the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims and Indians did not eat turkey? Isn’t it funny that we do now, but they didn’t have it? Also, they did not have forks because they weren’t made yet! Another fact is, each year the president of America pardons a turkey to save it from being killed and eaten. The first president to pardon a turkey was President Truman in 1947. Thanksgiving lasted three days and happened in the fall of 1621, so turkeys had awhile until they started getting pardoned after the first thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoy your meal!


What is Matter?

Do you know what matter is? If not this post is for you!

Matter is all around you because everything is matter. Rocks are matter, wood is matter, ice, books, water, air, even people and dogs are matter! Matter is every thing you can think of!

You may ask, rocks and water are both matter, but they are both way different? Yes, rocks and water are both matter, just different states of matter.

There are three states of matter : solids, liquids, and gases. A solid is a state of matter that is made up of atoms and molecules that are pact together tightly. Those molecules are made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons. A few examples of solids are rocks, books, paper, chairs your fingernails, and much more!

A liquid is a state of matter that has molecules that are pact together but not that tightly. Some examples of liquids are juice, water tears, coffee blood, oils and still much more!

The last state of matter is gas. the state of gas is all around you. A few examples of gases are air, heliem, and oxegen.

These are some of the things that I know about and I hope that you learned too!

Dogs Can Be Smart

Dogs are awesome animals and can be very smart. An example is that you can teach them to obey commands (sit, stay, down, off, and come). Even better, they can rescue people like search and rescue dogs or fire dogs. Also, police dogs can attack dangerous people like robbers. Another thing that they can do is be a service dog. Service dogs are specially trained for people with disabilities. They can comfort you if you are sad, or lead the way if you are blind. Also, if you are deaf, then they can pick up phones for you. They can even sense if you are going to have a seizure! How crazy is that?

I really like dogs and I hope you will to after reading this or maybe love them even more than before! Thanks,


All About Hannah


Hi my name is Hannah. I am in fourth grade and my favorite subjects are reading, writing, and science. I love dogs so much and I wish that I could have one for myself. I have a brother and a sister and of course, my mom and dad too. I enjoy playing with dogs, going camping, swimming and tubing, and riding my bike. I also like school and love my teacher and also love playing outside with my neighbors. I have a guinea pig named Peanut, who likes to sit on my lap and cuddle. I enjoy making this blog a lot. Thank you so much for reading it,